Northumbrian Songs CD Vol1 -

Northumbrian Songs CD Vol1

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Buy both CD`S and receive 10% Discount. simply enter this code at the checkout 2CDDISCOUNT Tracks 1. The Happeny Woods at Bedlington 2. The Weshin Day 3. Pot Pie & Puddins 4. Keep Your Feet Still Geordie Hinny 5. Blaydon Races 6. The Lambton Worm 7. The Pitman`s Lament 8. Wor Geordie`s Lost his Penka 9. The Howty Towty Lass 10. Dance ti thy Daddy 11. Buy Broom Buzzems 12. Cushie Butterfield 13. Cullercoats Bay 14. But it`s Mine LISTEN HERE Click to listen to Dance ti thy Daddy Click to listen to The Weshin Day Click to listen to Pot Pie & Puddins Click to listen to Blaydon Races

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